The Process

Alloy wheel refurbishment is best done by a professional.
When the professional refurbishes your alloy wheels, the tyres will be taken off the wheels.
Stripping the wheel of the existing finish must be done prior to any work.
This allows for the ultimate adhesion of the new finish. This also allows all the damages to be assessed for repair.
A chemical approved for stripping alloy wheels is used so there is no worry about damage to the wheels.

Remove Tyres & Balancing Weights

Clean Wheels (using Jetwash)

Chemically Strip

Repair, Weld, Straighten (where required)

Shot Blast

Prime, Paint, Lacquer

Refit Tyres

Balance Wheels

Refit wheels


Chemical Stripping

When we receive a set of wheels that are corroded or diamond cut we place them into the chemical bath to strip all of the existing paint from the wheel. This specialised process is what we call chemical stripping which is fast, effective and gentle to the metal compared to shot blasting.

Shot Blasting

Using a wide variety of shot blasting methods, we are able to quickly  clean up and remove rust and scale from all types of ally wheels. Our shot blasting services are fast, clean and efficient – far faster than traditional manual means of surface preparation. wheels are returned to an “as-new” condition, ready for further painting or coating.

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