A1 Alloys offer a wide range of Powder Coating colors and finishes to transform your alloy wheels and the look of your vehicle. Our premium powder coating options are durable, long-lasting, and can be customised to suit your personal style or match your vehicle’s aesthetics. With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can trust us to create stunning results that will make your wheels stand out on the road.

Powder Coating Expertise and Workmanship
Factory Premium Finishes.

Bromley and Kent Wheel Refurbishment and Powder Coating Specialists

Refurbishing and Repairing Alloy Wheels since 1990.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly finishing process used to enhance the appearance and durability of various metal surfaces, including alloy wheels. The process begins with thorough cleaning and preparation of the wheels, removing any dirt, oil, or contaminants to ensure optimal adhesion.

Once prepped, the wheels are electrostatically charged, and a fine, dry powder is applied evenly over the surface. The charged particles adhere to the metal, creating a smooth and uniform coating. The wheels are then placed in an oven, where the powder undergoes a curing process, melting and fusing to form a robust and attractive finish. The result is a vibrant, long-lasting, and resistant coating that protects the wheels from corrosion, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear.

With a wide range of colour options and finishes available, powder coating allows for limitless customisation possibilities to match any vehicle style or personal preference.

A wide range of Powder Coating Finishes:

Matte: Matte Powder Coating finishes are gaining popularity due to their modern and unique appearance. They offer a non-reflective, flat finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wheels.

Satin: Satin Powder Coating finishes strike a perfect balance between glossy and matte, offering a smooth and subtle sheen. They provide a sophisticated and refined look that is both eye-catching and understated.

Textured: Textured finishes add depth and character to your wheels, creating a unique and distinctive appearance. They can mimic the look of various materials such as carbon fiber or brushed metal, adding a touch of customisation to your wheels.

Chrome: Chrome finishes are known for their mirror-like shine and luxurious appearance. They offer a high-gloss, reflective finish that exudes opulence and makes a bold statement.

Transform Your Wheels with Professional Wheel Refurbishment in Bromley, Kent

Experienced Repair Technicians

Our skilled Powder Coating technicians use advanced techniques and top-quality materials to repair and refurbish alloy wheels of all makes and models. Whether it’s minor scuffs, deep scratches, or corrosion, we have the expertise to restore your wheels to their factory finish.

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